Melbourne Money Expo 2017

The ANDA staff will be wearing their “M” Dollar T Shirts to promote the Royal Australian Mint’s release of the 2017 “M” (for Melbourne) Dollar coins. It is the third coin in the series that began in Perth in February with the ‘P’ Dollar and continued to Brisbane in May with the ‘B’ Dollar coin.

The ANDA Committee has especially set aside 150 of each of the ‘P’ and ‘B’ Dollars so that collectors can have continuity of their collections. Those visitors that acquire all three of the Dollar coins (P, B and M) on the day will be given a specially produced Royal Australian Mint Official Dollar coin folder to house their coins absolutely free.

The PNCs have been a dynamic part of the Expo scene since 2016. And understandably given that the PNCs have been especially created for ANDA with an entirely unique cover design, are numbered declaring their limited mintage and come inscribed with the ANDA logo and the date of issue.

The PNCs for Melbourne include a unique ‘Banana in Pyjamas’, limited to just 750. Uniting the two ‘Bananas in Pyjamas’ coins with two official Australian stamps, demand for this official Australia Post PNC is sure to be overwhelming.

There also is a unique commemoration of Henry Lawson. Limited to a meagre 500, this PNC unites the Perth Mint’s imaginatively designed 30.60mm Henry Lawson Australian legal tender $1 coin with an official Australian stamp.

And especially for the Dad’s – to be released only on Sunday – a limited mintage Trans Australian Rail Centenary PNC featuring the Royal Australian Mint’s 2017 Trans-Australian Railway ‘C ‘ Mintmark $1 coin and an Australian stamp.

Hourly give-aways have become a regular part of the ANDA Expo scene with prizes generously provided by the Royal Australian Mint in Canberra. With the year coming to a close the ANDA Committee has decided that prize winners can take their pick of a 2017 Uncirculated Set. Or take up a voucher to receive free of charge the (soon to be released) 2018 Uncirculated Set.

And the Five Cent Forage is back. There will be 10,000 five cent pieces piled onto a table so that the kids (aged 5 to 15) can complete their five cent collections. ANDA is keen to encourage the collectors of the future.