On Sale - Limited Edition Coins & Stamps

For the collector, there will be lots to buy at the ANDA Money Expo booth, right inside the main entrance.


  • The Royal Australian Mint has created a special ‘B’ (for Brisbane) Privy Mark Dollar Coin. Struck to a limited mintage of 3000 and distributed exclusively through ANDA. A sell out is assured.


  • The ANDA stand will also be selling the 2017 Lest We Forget PNC, (mintage 750) and the 2017 Australian Light Horse PNC, (mintage 500) both PNC’s produced in a collaboration between the Royal Australian Mint and Australia Post. Officially numbered and featuring the ANDA logo. A sell-out is assured.


  • An official Royal Australian Mint Folder to house the Privy Mark $1 coin series (P, B, M and S) will be available at the Expo.